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Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Prash got his undergraduate engeneering degree in Industrial Biotechnology in India. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he spent a summer rotation working in a virology lab which left an indelible mark. His work that summer focused on understanding the contribution of RNA structures to retroviral infections. He decided to pursue graduate studies working on viruses and RNA. But while attending graduate school, he was introduced to the book "The RNA World." Reading that book completely opened his eyes to the role of RNA in the origin of life and broadened his perspective. For his PhD., he studied how RNA folds to attain its final structure an important determinant for its function. For his Post-Doctorate fellowship, he chose to work on the germline, where it is known that RNA regulation plays a pivotal role. Prash's long-term goal for his lab is to bring together the two fields of RNA structural biology and developmental genetics. In his free time he love to cook elaborate dinners. One day he hopes to write a cookbook or open a small 5 table restaurant.

Research scientist/Lab Manager


Jennifer Wong-Deyrup, Ph.D.

Ph.D. University at Iowa

Jen graduated as a biophysical chemist from the University of Iowa and was a postdoctoral associate at the Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University. Her research focus is to understand the roles of certain sequences in Drosophila germline development. With her chemistry background, she is also interested in developing new research methods. Outside of lab, she enjoys practicing yoga, rock climbing, hiking and traveling with her family.


current graduate students


Alicia McCarthy

B.S. in Biology from SUNY Albany

Alicia joined the Rangan Lab in the summer of 2014 with the desire to understand how the environment shapes gene expression. Currently, her research focus is on post-translational modifications on histone tails and the role of histone modifying complexes on germline development. Aside from her dedication to science, she enjoys working out, hanging out with cats, and eating fruit.


Elliot Martin

B.S. in Biochem from SUNY Geneseo

Elliot Martin is a graduate student in the MCDN program who joined the Rangan lab and the Fuchs lab in 2016. He completed his undergraduate Biochemistry Bachelor's Degree at SUNY Geneseo. He is working to understand the role of ribosomes in stem cell maintenance and differentiation. Elliot is passionate about roasting coffee, cooking, and computers.


Patrick Blatt

B.S. in Biology from SUNY Geneseo

Patrick Blatt is a graduate student in the MCDN program and joined the Rangan lab in 2015. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Biology at SUNY Geneseo. His research focuses mRNA control and surveillance mechanisms in the germ line. Patrick enjoys workers' rights, reading papers and the NBA.


Shane Breznak

B.S. in Biology from St. John Fisher

Shane is a graduate student in the MCDN program who joined the Rangan lab in 2017. He completed his undergraduate Biology Bachelor's Degree at St. John Fisher College. He is currently working to understand the role of KDM5 in the germarium. Shane enjoys running half marathons, playing soccer, and watching the Red Sox.


Kahini Sarkar

M.S. in Microbiology from University of Culcutta, India

Kahini has joined the Rangan Lab in Spring 2018 as a first year graduate student. She is studying germline stem cell differentiation in Drosophila. Apart from singing and painting, she loves to read story books and watch animations. Sheldon, Hosseini, Larsson and Ray are among her favorites. One day she hopes to have her own library.


ian rapisarda

B.S. in Human Biology from University at Albany

Ian joined the Rangan lab in August of 2018 as an undergraduate and is currently pursuing his masters in biology. He hopes to pursue his career in medicine. Ian enjoys skiing, running, and working out.


Noor kotb

B.S in Cell and Molecular Biology from The college of Saint Rose ,Albany, NY

Noor joined the Rangan Lab in Spring 2019 as a first year graduate student. Noor is from the Biomedical Sciences department at UAlbany. She studies the role of a transcription factor during germline stem cell differentiation. Noor enjoys eating sushi, politics and reading the news.


Current Undergrad Students


justin camacho

Majors: Biology
Minor: Russian


Eric Cavanna

Major: Biology


Catherine Ramos

Major: Biology


Hugo Stern

Major: Biochemistry


Post-Doctoral Alumni


Katarina Tlucková

Post-doc Fellow @ Institute of Science and Technology Austria’s Bernecky Lab


Ryan palumbo

Post-doc Associate @ Upstate Medical University


Graduate Student Alumni


pooja flora

Post-doc Fellow @ Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai’s Ezhkova Lab


Maitreyi upadhyay

Preceptor @ Harvard University (Department of Stem cell and Regenerative Biology)


undergrad student alumni

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Ella & RUFUS